MILF Phone Sex

I'm a college guy, on my early twenties, so sex is a big thing for me. It has always been. But unlike most of my friends, sex with women my age already feels boring, clumsy and endless repetitions, even if you change women.

Maybe, I feel like that because I've had the chance of trying the real thing: sex with a hot, self confident, mature woman. No tediousness there, no clumsiness and no repetitions. A mature woman is able to ready you like an open book, show you what she wants and guide you by the hand into an unbelievable universe of pleasure and bliss.

The only problem here, is that mature women, not always take guys my age seriously, and getting one of them to go out with you is an Olympic task. So, I decided I had to find other options and started looking in the internet for it.

I found some chats, but had the same problem there, searched some more and finally someone recommended me a Phone Sex line.

I wasnít very convinced, after all, as you can see for yourselves, this is really cheap phone sex and it's hard to tell a woman's age just by her voice. Hell, even my old neighbor sounds like a young lass, and she's about 80!

But this Mature Phone sex line wasnít too expensive, so I decided to try it. If I didnít like it, all I had to do was end the call and no harm done.

So I called. The woman on the other side of the line immediately reminded me of my first mature lover: sure of herself, straight forward very clear with her likes and dislikes. Her voice didnít tell me much about her, other than she had a really sexy, hoarse voice, but her tone said it all. She had the situation completely under control and I was totally hooked up.

Word by word, step by step she wrapped me in her web, and soon I was a trembling mass of desire and arousal. The way she described me what she would do to me, what she would want me to do to her, and her voice was so magical, so alluring I just closed my eyes and let myself picture the whole scene, as my hands stroked my hard shaft, imagining her hands and mouth on it, picturing myself thrusting, pounding hard, deep inside her, pushing her over the edge and taking her to glory with me.

My body shuddered, convulsed, under the strength of a powerful orgasm and my hot seed gushed out of me like a small geyser, filling my loins with it. It was an amazing experience, extremely pleasurable.

I tried to space the calls, trying not to get addicted to them, but it was a lost battle. Every time I remember how much fun I have each time I call, I can't resist temptation and I call again. And againÖ and again.

I recommend this phone sex line to all my, even those that arenít really into older women, because women there can take you to paradise for sure.